First Sterling provides Institutions with LIHTC investment opportunities in proprietary, multi-investor or regional platforms

  • Commenced operations in 1979, and has a continuous 35 year track record of success;
  • Offers a highly credentialed and long-tenured management team and staff with extensive experience on the broad spectrum of core real estate, finance and related capabilities;
  • Completes methodical, comprehensive due diligence review and underwriting, supported by nationally recognized experts, on all lower and upper tier transactions;
  • Manages assets and portfolios to insure the delivery of benefits to investors, optimize property performance and asset value and dispositions;
  • Structures funds that deliver forecasted results, yield and value, tailored to meet various investor priorities, such as CRA credit, economic ROI, or cross selling opportunities;
  • Developed “SMART”, a proprietary database, which ensures access to key documents, maintains data integrity, standardizes processes, performs checks and balances and facilitates a seamless transition from originations thorough underwriting, development with management, and asset management to dispositions;
  • Uses “SMART” to expedite communications, easy access and customized user-friendly reporting to investors, incorporating AHIC criteria and risk ratings.
  • Provides 3rd Party Asset Management services
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