Investor Partners

For 35 years, First Sterling has invested in our developer partners building strong, collaborative relationships by:

  • Providing equity, financing resources and comprehensive services in acquiring 4% or 9%, newly constructed or rehabilitated §42 LIHTC properties, §47 Historic and tax advantaged properties;
  • Using expertise to simplify even the most complex real estate transactions, with all types of federal, state and local programs, assuring property feasibility and sustainability;
  • Providing extensive hands-on real estate experience in construction, finance, development risk, lease-up, and operations by our acquisition and asset management teams;
  • Hiring third-party consultants who are also recognized industry experts and leaders in the field and assuring compliance with programmatic and government regulations;
  • Providing resources, one-on-one personalized service on an as needed basis to help optimize property operations, seamlessly tailoring our services to complement each development team’s unique approach; and
  • Facilitating repeat business, which is among the highest in the industry at 80%.

Our transactional nationwide experience covers:

  • Affordable Properties
  • §42 LIHTC
  • Mixed Income (no more than 25% market rate)
  • §47 Historic Tax Credits
  • Mixed Use (no more than 20% commercial)
  • State Tax Credits
  • Workforce Housing
  • Energy Tax Credits
  • Special Need transactions
  • Brownfield Tax Credits
  • Deep skewered
  • Enterprise Zone Credits
  • Assisted living
  • Congregate care
  • Medicaid waver
  • Leasehold & Condominium Ownership

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